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      CRF50 / XR50

      Honda CRF50 / XR50 Pit Bike Parts & Mods
      Shop the largest and lowest priced selection of aftermarket and performance parts for your Honda CRF50 Pit Bike or Mini Bike. Massive Selection of Parts.
      Piranha brake snake
      IMS Folding Shift Lever - CRF IMS Folding Shift Lever - CRFOn Sale
      $45.95 $51.95
      SiK50 Extended Brake Pedal - CRF50
      IMS Super Stock Foot Pegs On Sale
      $80.95 $89.95
      IMS Pro Series Footpegs for CRF On Sale
      $95.40 $113.00
      ProTaper Extended Aluminum Shift Lever - CRF50 On Sale
      $23.39 $25.99
      BBR Heavy Duty Footpeg Bracket KLX110
      Flo Pro Series Foot Pegs (Stock Pegbars) Flo Pro Series Foot Pegs (Stock Pegbars)Coming Soon
      From $167.95
      MINIWORX Co Billet Footpegs - CRF110/125 Coming Soon
      Stainless Steel Oversized footpegs for CRF Coming Soon
      TB Folding Aluminum Shifter for CRF50/70 Coming Soon
      Billet Footpegs Honda CRF50 Coming Soon
      IMS Core Footpegs Coming Soon
      $152.99 $169.00
      Zeta Forged Shift Lever Coming Soon
      ZETA Revolver Shift Lever Coming Soon
      TBR Billet Aluminum Footpegs Coming Soon
      $98.98 $109.98
      Fire Power Aluminum Shift Lever - CRF50 Coming Soon
      BBR Aluminum Folding Shift Lever for 50/70s BBR Aluminum Folding Shift Lever for 50/70sComing Soon
      TBR Extended Billet Brake Pedal Kit Coming Soon