Rocket 'Big Bore' Full Exhaust System – 19+ CRF110

Rocket Exhaust

$649.95 $649.95



Built using our black hard anodized octagonal aluminum muffler housing and carbon fiber end cap from our full size exhaust systems. The “Chubby” is a short muffler design that creates big bike sound and increases power!

  • Designed to work with 132cc big bore kits
  • Features large tube triple stepped head pipe design to insure good low end torque while maximizing higher RPM horsepower
  • Purpose built Chubby muffler with a larger intake cap and core creating the correct amount of back pressure
  • O2 bung to tune air/fuel management. We recommend ECU tuning available through CJR Performance
  • Standard features including our carbon fiber end cap and 6″ black hard anodized “Chubby” muffler
  • Optional “Backyard” quiet core insert available
    • 2019-Present CRF110