Trail Bikes Manual Clutch Kit for KLX110

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DRZ110 and KLX110 Manual Clutch Kit

Note: Please make sure the oil level site glass is properly installed with good quality silicone sealant

This new manual clutch kit is Trail Bikes latest performance offering for the KLX110/DRZ110. 
Like hydraulic actuated clutch kits on the market today, this kit uses the stock clutch. 
However, the similarities between the two end there. 
It's much easier to install with no hassles of bleeding lines and you never have to worry about the loss of hydraulic fluid during a ride or race. 
Additionally, use of the clutch lever is optional. 
The clutch kit can be used as a semi-automatic like the stock setup or you can choose to use the clutch lever to engage the clutch operating it like a manual clutch. 
This feature is great for teaching kids or a novice rider how to use a manual clutch.
Also, if you crash during a race, the engine is less likely to die with this type of setup. 
This kit works great and is nearly half the price of hydraulic kits that offer the same function.
Please see the performance info section for downloadable installation instructions (link is on lower left side of this page).

  • 2002-Present KLX110
  • 2003-2006 Suzuki DRZ110

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