BVC CRF110 Big Wheel Kit

BVC Offroad

$2,400.00 $3,125.95



The BVC CRF110 Big wheel kits are finally here!! 

This is literally a down sized version of their “big boy” big wheel kits… how ever a lot of the same billet materials and parts have transferred over

What is included in the kit:
  • 21” front tire (mounted)
  • 21” rear tire (mounted)
  • 2 - Black 10” wheels (tig welded / machined made in house )
  • BILLET triple clamps
  • Big-bike Anti-vibe Bar mounts (they also raise bars)
  • Big bike - BILLET front hub assembly
  • Hydraulic front brake kit w/caliper-line-master
  • Brake disc
  • Front axle + spacers and hardware
  • upgrades pivots- + needle bearing kit
  • Big Wheel Swingarm (powder coated black)
  • Swingarm pivot bolt + nut
  • BILLET rear hub
  • Sprocket adaptor
  • Rear sprocket
  • BILLET offset sprocket cover
  • BILLET Front sprocket + bearing support
  • 520 chain upgrade
  • Chain block/guide
  • Rear Hydraulic brake caliper-master-line kit+ caliper stay
  • Rear Brake disc
  • Hardware -nuts-bolts-bits N Bobs
  • BILLET Rear axle + nut
  • big bike Billet axle blocks & chain Adjusters
  • Extended tig welded kick stand (bike is now higher)

Wheelbase is increased slightly. (Longer swingarm and offset Triple clamps, and seat height roughly 1.5” taller depending on shock and spring. This is a great setup for adult fun bike - (((or for youth rider in soft terrain - sand - gravel etc where oem tires just dont cut it)))  it really makes this bike feel planted. The big tires aired down act like extra suspension as well. 

  • 2019-Present CRF110