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  Product Index Team KLX110 Mod Race Bike

This bike was built to be raced at the Mini Moto in Las Vegas and as you can see, no expense was spared. You want the ultimate pit bike or unmatched race mini bike? Follow this recipe and you will be on your way. We started with a brand new Kawasaki KLX110, stripped it down to the frame then built it up with the following mods. Team KLX110border
  • Kitaco 143 SE kit. Includes the 143cc aluminum cylinder and the race head.
  • Pit Boss stroker crank. This crank takes the 143cc kit to a 155cc.
  • Takegawa 4 speed drum.
  • Takegawa Primary drive gear.
  • BBR Clutch conversion kit. Full hydraulic, manual clutch.
  • Two Bros. HD clutch springs.
  • Kitaco 28mm D-Slide carb, with oversized air filter.
  • Two Bros. M-6 exhaust.
  • Tokoyo Mods CDI ignition.
  • Kitaco Super coil.

Mod KLX110 border
border border

This motor rips! As far as we are concerned, this is as good as it gets for a KLX110. The motor is bulletproof yet runs like a thoroughbred. If you wanted to be nicer to your bank account... start with the Kitaco 143cc SE kit (the race head is a must in our opinion), a hydraulic clutch, the carb, and an exhaust system. Those components are the heart of the race motor, the other parts fine tune this mini motor and convert it from a great motor to an incredible one.


Mod KLX110 border
border border
  • Marzocchi front end with hydraulic front disc brake.
  • BBR new SuperComp swingarm with fully adjustable Elka shock with remote reservoir.
Mod KLX110 border
border border
If you are building a mini to race, suspension is not one of the areas you want to skimp on. Go with the best right out of the gate or you will regret it when you ride your pal's KLX110 that did it right. The fastest motor in the world won't do you any good if you don't have the confidence in your chassis to get you through the rough stuff. This suspension set up is a lot of money but it has the most well suspended big bike feeling of any pit bike we have ever ridden. In our opinion, there is nothing even close to this set up.
Miscellaneous Parts
  • Pro Taper SE Mini bars, black.
  • Pro Taper grips.
  • SDG KLX110 complete seat.
  • Two Bros. Skid plate, blue.
  • Two Bros. Peg bar with Fastway pegs.
  • Fastway F3 pegs. (Fastway F4 pegs come with the kit, we switched them to the Fastway F3s).
  • Pro Circuit shifter lever.
  • Two Bros. Forged aluminum kick start lever.
  • Hardstyle 39 tooth rear sprocket.
  • Red Baron 13 tooth front sprocket.
  • DID Gold 420 chain.
  • BBR Billet over the top rear brake lever.
  • BBR Rear disk brake kit.
  • Two Bros. Chain roller.
  • Excel Rear aluminum rim, black.
  • Joker Tornado throttle, blue.
  • Dunlop 756 rear tire.
  • Pirelli MT32A front tire.

Most of the parts in this section are not absolutely necessary but are highly reccommended if you are building a serious race bike. Each part alone will not make or break the KLX110 but as a package make a large overall difference and we felt could not be left out on our KLX.

Mod KLX110 border
border border

Mod KLX110 border
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Mod KLX110 border
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Mod KLX110 border
border border


  • team graphics.
  • Stock KLX110 frame, powder-coated pearl white.
  • Powder coated front hub.
  • Blue and red, anodized, billet wheel rim lock nuts by Sunline.
  • BBR rear hub, anodized red.
  • Pro Circuit shifter tip, anodized red.
  • Marzocchi upper and lower triple clamps, anodized red.
  • Marzocchi fork caps, anodized blue.
  • Billet gas cap vent, blue.
  • Two Bros. Billet dress up kit, red.
  • Hard anodized engine cases, both left and right side. Natural color.
  • Front and rear brake caliper mounts anodized red.

This is a category that you can save some serious cash on. However, if you want your KLX110 to be the sweetest looking mini at the track, you will want to do these mods and maybe others. Even though none of the mods listed in this section will get you any more speed or lower your lap times, they might draw you some more ladies.
Thanks for checking out our team race bike. If you have any questions about this mini race bike or how we can help you with your project Kawasaki KLX110, Honda CRF50, Honda CRF70, Yamaha TT-R50, Yamaha TT-R90, or any other bike, please feel free to give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you ... 541-664-0400.

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